Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Friday, August 17, 2007

I noticed last night that the vines on our decorative gourds had dried up, so I picked them.

The cantaloupes are big, but still green, and I’m thinking about picking the largest watermelon to see how they’re doing.

The heat finally broke here yesterday. We had record highs Tuesday and Wednesday (Wednesday was the hottest day in 23 years at 105!). A front moved thru yesterday that brought sprinkles and temps around 80 at lunchtime. Today and the rest of the weekend are supposed to have highs around 90. It almost feels like fall… Almost. We’re going to try to get some outdoor things done this weekend. We’ve been putting things off since it’s been so hot for the last few weeks. I didn't know that chickens could pant!