Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Friday, October 26, 2007

We turned on the furnace in the trailer last night. It smelled for a few minutes, but wasn’t as bad as the propane guy suggested it might be. We stayed nice and warm without using the electric heaters, so hopefully it’ll be able to keep up this winter.

We had both Oliver and Norman inside last night. Norman is improving with us every day. When we got ready to put them out for the night, Steve got Norman, but we couldn’t find Oliver. We searched all over the place, and finally I walked into the bathroom and flipped on the light. He popped his head out of the toilet! It was dry, because the dogs had drunk the water down really low. We’re not sure if he was looking for a drink or just hanging out. It gives me a case of the giggles every time I think about it.

It’s been chilly here at night – upper 30’s a few times. I busted out the Cuddl Duds last week, and I’ve been having to bundle up when I go out in the morning to let the chickens out and feed the kittens. This morning Norman gave me an earful. I opened up the barn, and he came out talking up a storm. He led me to the kennel and basically said “Feed me!” He’s very lovey-dovey when he’s hungry. I was happy that he was interacting with me. I think he wanted to come inside after he ate, but he couldn’t quite get up the nerve. He sat under one of the cars and watched us all go inside, but when I called him to come too, he stayed put.

Its’ been drizzling here for several days. With the cold, it’s pretty gross. On days like these, I’d prefer to hibernate at home and maybe bake cookies or play games all day. The rain is supposed to move out sometime today or tonight, so the weekend should be clear, but below 60.

Tomorrow night is Emily’s annual pumpkin carving party. We’re looking forward to it, as always. I’m going to take a couple of our birdhouse gourds to carve. I like trying something different each year. While we’re in SL, we’re going to try to get a dishwasher for the trailer. I’m tired of doing everything by hand!