Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bee check

In my goal to check on the hive roughly once a week (especially during this development stage) I checked them this afternoon.

WOW, what a difference 3 weeks makes. The most bee's I've seen in the hive yet, lots of larva about to hatch out, good brood patterns on the frames so I know the queen is still around and found her on the 3rd to the outside frame.

Decided with all the new bees and plenty more on the way to put a super of medium frames on top with natural beeswax foundation. They still havn't drawn any comb on the plasticell frames that i have. (they came with the kits I ordered) I moved one to the dead center of the hive, we'll see if they decide to finally start building on it. Or if they all move up top and start building out that first.... (I was warned that the bees would take a LONG time to build out on the plasticell.

Honey frames are lighter, seems they have been pulling off of stores heavily. I'll bust out the entrance feeder and feed some sugar water now that they are starting to get really going. I'll feed 1:1 sugar water.

I have seen some bees in the yard, fun to look down and see a honey bee on a clover flower and know its one of YOUR bees!

Still didn't get any photo's and I'm really kicking myself for not doing so. Ill get some next weekend when I open them up again.