Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Monday, April 2, 2007

It finally seems like we’re making progress at the property. It’s looking and feeling more like a home. We spent most of the weekend there, and I feel good about what we got done. Steve fixed the plumbing in the old house that broke over the winter, so the bathroom is up and running again. I cleaned up the popup after being neglected all winter. We set a new power pole to run our new electric line. We bought the wire and pipe to run power and water to the trailer. I moved more lilies. We went back to SL on Saturday, and got there just in time to be off the road when a BIG storm hit. Sunday morning we loaded up the truck, 4 runner & trailer with a load of stuff and headed back out. We fixed the storm door on the trailer, because the latch didn’t line up. Steve ran temporary power out to the trailer, and I vacuumed and shampooed the carpets while Steve put the mower deck back on the tractor and mowed most of the yard. We’ve got several low spots that hold water, so we’ll have to work on getting them to drain properly. Steve got the tractor stuck in the ditch by the driveway, so I had to help him pull it out with the truck. The dogs spend almost the entire weekend wet and/or covered in mud. We gave them these nasty cow knee bones, and they chewed and chewed and chewed. It’s disgusting, but they love it. They’re still at the property – pooped and waiting for me to take them home tonight. I have sore muscles all over my body, bruised shins from moving stuff, and the first mosquito bits of the season are swelled up larger than quarters on the back of my leg.

We’re meeting with a realtor tomorrow night to talk about selling the SL house. We may still have a chance of getting it on the market this month.

We decided that we should stay here and work on the property this weekend – now that we’re on a roll. Steve is trying to line up a trencher to rent, so we can install the water and electric. Then all we’ll have to do is have the power company come and move our connection to the new pole. We’re thinking about moving our ‘camp’ into the trailer. Now that it has power, it’s no different than the popup, and it has lots more space.