Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Thursday, May 3, 2007

We have power! It was hooked up this morning, so I turned things back on when I went by at lunch. Once the septic tank is hooked up to the trailer (hopefully this weekend), we’ll be up and running. I’m looking forward to taking a REAL shower in the trailer – rather than the crappy ones in the old, gross house.

Phil is coming up this afternoon, and Aunt Kathy will probably be here Saturday. Emily is supposed to meet us at the property tomorrow to help out and spend the night. We’re going to try to plant the garden on Saturday, but they’re predicting rain. It’s been raining for about 3 days now, and everything out there is mushy. We’re trying to get the AC hooked up tomorrow, but it’s not excessively hot yet, so that’s not critical.