Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Steve's parents, Phil and Jean, came up for a long Labor Day weekend. Thursday Jean and I spent the day canning tomatoes. We made six quarts of whole tomatoes and six pints of yellow salsa (with about a million little yellow grape tomatoes). Steve and Phil re-wired a vent hood that Phil bought for $5 and brought to us. The one that came with the trailer has never worked.

Friday morning, we went to the Woodburn Country Store. They’re a huge nut supplier who mail-order nuts all over the country and sell to Whole Foods! Who’d have thought such a business would be in Woodburn, IL. Jean said their nut prices were very good, and they also sell all kinds of jellies, jams & such. They get pecans two pallets at a time at $8000 per pallet! They buy all their nuts raw and cook them in their own commercial kitchen. They gave us a tour of their facility, which is basically a garage that has been added to about ten times. They’re super nice people. They have a bunch of watermelons for sale in front of their store. They made a deal with a watermelon farmer in Springfield, IL, and they have what would be a $4-$5 watermelon at the grocery store 2 for $3! They get watermelons by the truck load, and they told us that they’ve sold about 900 of them so far. We bought two, and they were excellent. The chocolate covered pecans that Jean bought were to die for!

The major project for Saturday and Sunday was getting skirting on the trailer. It took quite a while… and help from both of us and Phil, but we got it on – minus the front side where the trailer is covered with gourds & loofah.

Phil BBQ’d twice & Stacy stuck her nose in the grill, getting black soot all over her face. It didn’t wear off for a couple of days. Jean and I worked on the garden as much as we could. After they left around noon yesterday, we vegged out for the rest of the day. I feel like I had to come back to work to relax. Oh, and yesterday afternoon our AC pooped out on us. The local HV/AC guy is supposed to be by today to check it out.