Schmidt Homestead

Our new home in Woodburn, IL

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We hung out in the popup with the kittens for about an hour last night. We hung a toy from the ceiling and made a couple of yarn toys for them. The grey one took a few minutes to warm up to the toys, since he’s never had them before. Once he got the idea, he went crazy batting and running and peeling out. We got video – absolutely hilarious! The orange one is still not interested in playing. He sat beside us at the table, but he wouldn’t chase a toy or a piece of yarn. He has the runs, so we’re not sure if he won’t play because he doesn’t feel well, or he’s so nervous with his new home that he’s making himself sick. We’ve been handling him often and trying to show him that we’re good guys. He’s not totally freaked out by us, but he’s not ‘normal’ like the grey one. We’re going to keep them in the dog kennel at least until this weekend. Maybe the orange one will still come around. And speaking of coming around, the strays are still there. They’ve learned our routines, so they scatter pretty quickly whenever we or the dogs are near. I’m not sure what we’ll do with them.

When I went home for lunch, grey kitty was lying at the very front of the cage on his side with all four feet sticking thru the bars. The dogs walked right up to him and got so close that they touched his feet when they sniffed! He didn’t even get up!!! He was hissing, but it seemed half-hearted, since I could see it on his face, but I never actually heard anything. A few minutes later Stacy sat down beside the cage, and we almost had a situation when grey kitty noticed that a wagging dog tail could be a fun toy. He was about to pounce when she stood up and walked away – completely oblivious. He’ll get her one of these days! I have the feeling that grey kitty will keep EVERYONE on their toes once he’s out of the cage.